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  • Essay on the Fashion Industry

    Essay on the Fashion Industry

    Attitude Behavior Gap in Sustainable Product in the Fashion Industry Introduction The fashion industry has made numerous strides in the advancement of sustainable measures in production lines, in resources used, and in general market practices. Among the issues that have developed within the fashion sector is the increased misalignment within the customer attitude towards the…

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  • Plagiarism Essay Examples

    Plagiarism Essay Examples

    These are examples of essays about plagiarism written by our writers as a part of a writing contest called “Is easy access to information encouraging plagiarism?” Here are the papers of its winners from the first place to the third one. The Plagiarism Paradox: Is Ease of Information Access to Blame? They claim “imitation is…

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  • Essay on the Consumerism in Modern Society

    Essay on the Consumerism in Modern Society

    Consumerism as an Economic Prerequisite and a Plague of Modern Society Introduction The definition of consumerism is broad and varied, with different meanings based on the contexts used. Consumer rights and consumption of goods are central to the idea of consumerism (Day and Aaker). After the Industrial Revolution, the rise in productivity due to the…

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  • Cancel Culture Essay

    Cancel Culture Essay

    Introduction Cancel culture is a term that commonly came into use in the late 2010s and early 2020s. The central idea behind “cancel culture” is the idea of “canceling” someone. In other words, blocking an individual from a prominent career or public platform. Cancel culture also brings about a chilling effect, where some vocal members…

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  • Essay on Loyalty Cards and Sales

    Essay on Loyalty Cards and Sales

    Do Loyalty Cards Increase Customer Loyalty and Boost Sales? Introduction Customer loyalty is one of the most researched topics in the marketing field. It is a critical measure of brand building and a testimony of a buyer’s journey from being a product consumer to a brand advocate. Several surveys confirm that customer loyalty is directly…

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  • Essay on the Russia-Ukraine War

    Essay on the Russia-Ukraine War

    It is not always necessary to write an essay on topics that are easy to understand, but everything needs to be say about them, and there are without too much fragments in the story.

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  • Ukraine and Red Cross Essay Sample

    Ukraine and Red Cross Essay Sample

    Introduction The Red Cross is an independent international organization that responds to humanitarian crises and emergencies. Additionally, the organization seeks to assist war and violence victims. Nonetheless, the organization, which prides itself on the grounds of non-profit and ethics, has its share of dishonesty and integrity issues.

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  • Why Write a ‘Squid Game’ Essay

    Why Write a ‘Squid Game’ Essay

    Squid Game Series Review Introduction Squid Game may appear to have appeared out of nowhere to American viewers. However, it is an unsurprising colossal hit. The show, which Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has expressed is on course to be the streaming company’s most-watched arrangement ever, has overwhelmed charts worldwide, showing a compelling affirmation of the…

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  • Afghanistan War Essay Sample

    Afghanistan War Essay Sample

    Hubris or Failed Strategy? United States troops have withdrawn from Afghanistan following an agreement reached between the Taliban and the US government. The US is seen to have lost the war. However, this was not because of America’s excessive confidence or pride but a sheer failure in strategy and planning and a host of bad…

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  • Problem Solution Essay About Preventing Racism

    Problem Solution Essay About Preventing Racism

    Introduction British psychologist and author Binna Kandola compares racism to “a virus that lingers in organizations because people have internalized racist stereotypes” (Hirsch). Despite various efforts of organizations and media, there is still a need to open and diversify people.

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